What’s Happening

It’s Fall at ArtWorks Oriental! The gallery is ever so slowly taking on those luscious, earthy
colors of autumn, while a plenty of those summer tones linger behind.
Let’s be honest: are we EVER really ready for summer to end? Let’s make it a little easier with a party! Join us for the opening of our newest exhibit at ArtWorks, The Reluctant Welcoming of
Fall. Let yourself be drawn by the oranges and blues of Dana Holliday’s new encaustic work.
Remember the lighthearted fun days of summer through the portraits by Signature Watercolorist Karen Schaaf. The working fisherman’s toils of summer and fall take on a peaceful beauty through the brushstrokes of celebrated Plein Aire artist, Nancy Tankersley. The work of Oriental’s very own accomplished artist, Marguerite Garrett reminds us to pause and reflect, no matter the season, with her mixed media delight, Meditation Series.
We are so proud of our artists and their work at ArtWorks! This exhibit has 25 artists working in 17 different mediums, including our own Resident and Flex Artists who love sharing their work and processes with you. So come! Help us skate into fall at Oriental’s new “happy place”,
ArtWorks! The Reluctant Welcoming of Fall!

Are you interested in being an artist with ArtWorks? 

Resident Artist and Flex Artist spaces are now available! What does it mean to be an artist at ArtWorks? ArtWorks is a unique place in Oriental. At its heart, it is an affordable place for artists to work where there is not only the communion with other artists to stimulate ideas, challenge each other, collaborate, and grow, but it is also a place where you get to interact directly with the people who would like to buy your work.

We act like a coop here at ArtWorks, but we are not a coop. Each artist pays a modest amount of monthly rent for their place to work. Each artist shares in greeting visitors to our space and helping them become acquainted with the work by their fellow Resident and Flex Artists, as well as work by artists from literally around the world. We all pitch in to plan, set up, work, and
dismantle our events and displays.

While not a requirement, our Resident and Flex Artists often teach classes in their specific medium and retain the lion’s share of the fees for their teaching events.

So what’s the difference between a Resident Artist and a Flex Artist? Time and space. Recognizing that the artist at work is The differentiating product for the public at ArtWorks, our Resident Artists have made a commitment to their personal artist practice and to the group that they will spend at least 20 hours a week working “on display” at ArtWorks. They have a dedicated space to work and sell their art.

Flex Artists also work “on display” at ArtWorks; however, they have committed to working one weekend a month for a collective amount of 10 hours. They are assigned a generously sized locking cabinet to store their supplies and given space to work at their craft when they come. They are also given the opportunity to display a modest amount of work they have for sale.

Still not sure? Here is what one of our Resident Artists has to say about her artistic practice since becoming an artist with ArtWorks:

“I’m honored to be a resident artist at ArtWorks! Having a dedicated studio & retail space has allowed me to grow so much as an artist over the last few months. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and been exposed to art that inspires me to create.” says Shelly Gayring, Resin Artist

Local Artists Supporting Local Artists!

November 6 – New Bern Artist Studio Tour 

The New Bern Artists Stuido Tour gives you an inside look into the New Bern thriving arts scene. See over 40 Artist Studios throughout New Bern 

Saturday, November 6 10 AM – 5 PM  FREE

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