What’s Happening

Please join the artists and artisans of ArtWorks for Oriental’s own Chriskindlesmarkt!

November 15th – December 23rd

Our “huts” will be filled with special gifts, all artisan made and most priced under $50.  Trees sporting handmade ornaments of glass, felt, ceramic, wood, cloth, and even unique paintings will deck our halls.  Our artists have been busy creating unique Christmas cards to help kick off your season and share the joy with those you love the most.  

On purpose, we will have a few of a lot of things to enhance your experience, and will be perpetually adding to give you reason to come again and again throughout the season to find what’s new.

To Read More About The History of Christkindlmarkt and other holiday traditions, click here to view our newsletter.

December Artist Demo Days

During the month of December we are excited to have the following artist on location and sharing thier craft. Please be sure to stop in and visit with the artist.

Click on the name below to learn more about each artist

Jocelyn Welles, Fiber Sculpture – Saturday December 11th 1-5PM
Ciff Hill, Wood Working -Sunday, December 12th 1-5PM
Frank Welles, Glass Artist – Saturday, December 18th 1-5PM

The Nutcracker

Sunday, December 12, 3-5:30p

Enjoy the magic of Christmas witha. very special afternoon with literary specialist and watercolor artists, Olga Roesch. With a lucky group of 7-9 year olds, Olga will share the Russian fairytale The Nutcracker, followed by a lesson in watercolor illustration.

Olga will help each participant meet with success by first helping them to draw and trace their characters and scenes, followed by a lesson in beginning watercolor painting.

This is a “child only” event, limited to six 7-9 year olds. All materials are provided.

Cost is $25 per child, limit is 6 children, ages 7-9 years old.
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Kids Shopping Day

The joy of Christmas is in the giving! Children love giving gifts, too! And we are here to help your child with finding that special gift for Mom, Dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa…and wrap it, too!

Here’s how our shopping day works:

  • YOU SET THE SPENDING LIMIT — You tell us how much your child is allowed to spend in their gift purchases, either overall or for each person
  • We hope that you will have had the opportunity to visit us before your child comes to shop so that you can help us with suggestions, likes, and dislikes that we might use to in guiding your child. (Notes on a card would be exceptionally helpful!)
  • We will help your child shop for as many gifts as possible within your pricing limits, making their own choices for the gifts they wish to give
  • We will then help them wrap their gifts before leaving ArtWorks
    Please plan that your child will be with us for roughly 15 – 20 minutes x the number of people for whom they are buying gifts
  • Once shopping and wrapping are complete, we will ask you to return and pay the bill!

Sometimes younger shoppers can be nervous about being left alone with a stranger. We understand. Like you, we want this to be an enjoyable experience, not a traumatic one! We ask that you please make sure your child knows that you will be leaving during the time period that they will be shopping. If your child is shy or uncomfortable, you may stay. We’ll do our best to still ensure YOUR gift is a surprise!

Reservations are not required, but greatly appreciated!

Monday, December 20  10-5PM 

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Are you interested in being an artist with ArtWorks? 

Resident Artist and Flex Artist spaces are now available! What does it mean to be an artist at ArtWorks? ArtWorks is a unique place in Oriental. At its heart, it is an affordable place for artists to work where there is not only the communion with other artists to stimulate ideas, challenge each other, collaborate, and grow, but it is also a place where you get to interact directly with the people who would like to buy your work.

We act like a creative co-op here at ArtWorks, but we are not a co-op. Each artist pays a modest amount of monthly rent for their place to work. Each artist shares in greeting visitors to our space and helping them become acquainted with the work by their fellow Resident and Flex Artists, as well as work by artists from literally around the world. We all pitch in to plan, set up, work, and dismantle our events and displays.

While not a requirement, our Resident and Flex Artists often teach classes in their specific medium and retain the lion’s share of the fees for their teaching events.

So what’s the difference between a Resident Artist and a Flex Artist? Time and space. Recognizing that the artist at work is The differentiating product for the public at ArtWorks, our Resident Artists have made a commitment to their personal artist practice and to the group that they will spend at least 20 hours a week working “on display” at ArtWorks. They have a dedicated space to work and sell their art.

Flex Artists also work “on display” at ArtWorks; however, they have committed to working one weekend a month for a collective amount of 10 hours. They are assigned a generously sized locking cabinet to store their supplies and given space to work at their craft when they come. They are also given the opportunity to display a modest amount of work they have for sale.

Still not sure? Here is what one of our Resident Artists has to say about her artistic practice since becoming an artist with ArtWorks:

“I’m honored to be a resident artist at ArtWorks! Having a dedicated studio & retail space has allowed me to grow so much as an artist over the last few months. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and been exposed to art that inspires me to create,” says Shelly Gayring, Resin Artist.