ARTIST Veronica Campos-Hallstrom

Resident Artist: Veronica Campos-Hallstrom is an ink/artist, surface pattern designer, published illustrator, and an art professor. Every art piece created echoes a connection with an appreciation of nature.

As a devoted nature-lover, I am most often inspired by whimsey and organic shapes found in leaves, vines and delicate flower petals. My style is often described as stylized, illustrative, and expressive with suggestions of movement.

I enjoy working primarily with Alcohol Ink, because I find this medium to be fluid and unpredictable. It is the challenge of making art with a variety of materials that is satisfying and rewarding. Any medium that lends itself well to my painterly methodology is most enjoyable to me. I’m also dedicated to transforming original pen and ink drawings and watercolor paintings digitally to create vectorized images which in turn are developed into repeating, seamless patterns.

My surface art is featured in print on a variety of items to include the home decor, office, and apparel industries. As a military spouse for 30 years, my changing environments from the past have influenced my art and the focal point subject matters. Two themes have remained constant however; my love for obtaining the essence of botanical and coastal creations. Look for my signature style in motifs that include distinctive line art work, texture, unique color combinations, and a sense of flow.

I believe in the importance of asking myself one main question as a working-artist: “What if…?” It is by art exploration and skill building that I learn how to better creatively express myself, and share techniques with those who admire and appreciate art and the artistic interpretation of our world. My personal mantra and motto is: Be Creative Every Day! Happily I am able to do this with pride. I am thankful to be a featured artist at ArtWorks in Oriental, North Carolina.