ARTIST Teresa Talley

The diversity and versatility of mosaic art always captures my imagination, along with its unique representation of collaboration and inclusion. I love the process of mindfully placing each piece against the next to expand and define the image or concept. Individual bits of tesserae, broken, cut, reshaped, and sometimes salvaged, may have little meaning as separate pieces but together they create a narrative. When well-executed, the end result has the ability to tell a story in a uniquely meaningful and beautiful way.

Mosaics’ suitability to be displayed in a multitude of formats and locations makes it a very versatile art medium. I enjoy the challenge of creating work that varies widely in scale from large public art pieces to micro-mosaics, from floors to walls and even freestanding 3 dimensional work, the medium keeps me engaged in an ever changing process of creation and expression.

My studio is located in a former tobacco packhouse in Rockingham County, North Carolina on land that has been home to my family since 1854. I appreciate the opportunity to feel deeply connected to a place that has special personal history for me. Horses, chickens and a couple of worthless and well-loved dogs make for a full life for me and my family. While I love my home, I equally enjoy traveling solo to state and national parks in a converted van exploring and running trails, connecting to nature and the people who love it. Farmlife and travel keep inspiration for art pieces overflowing.