ARTIST Sven Froekjaer-Jensen

To build a bridge between different worlds of expression, to reach out for the sublime, that is my challenge.

I make modern nonverbal myths in my fabulating paintings hoping to reach the onlooker in a way that brings our minds together, so we can walk the paths of understanding – dreaming the very old dreams of humanity.

In the project The Wiking Dragon I have strived to express the legacy from ancient times in Denmark. The difficult times we live in just now might need the power and commitment shown by the wikings. We might be fighting other enemies as covid 19 and the global heating, but the need for strength is the same. This I try to express in three paintings all showing the dragon heads the seafaring wikings had in front of their vessels. The one shown at the exhibition has the rage and hunger for victory that lies in the wiking fight also shown in the title:

The Wiking dragon – within. One of the other paintings The Wiking Dragon, The story of Styrbjoern shows the dragon head and a person, Styrbjoern, he was a great warrior and very brave, so brave and daredevilish that he did not take down the dragon head, when he sailed near to the coast and quite indifferent to the danger of making the gods angry. It is also part of the story that sometimes he got deeply depressed and could only sit in his chamber with an old maid combing his hair and singing to him. In that way he also shows the dualism of modern life and is the first example in Danish history of the bipolar illness.