Supply List

Below is a suggested list of the what you will need for your upcoming class with JJ Jiang:

** This is only a suggested list. You are welcome to bring with you the supplies you feel comfortable with and accustomed to.
  • Minimum of two round watercolor brushes, one size 12(large) or larger, the other size 6(small) Nature hair or blend recommended
  • One inexpensive square head, soft hair hake brush approx. 2in wide
  • One inexpensive 1/2 inch square head brush for lifting colors (optional)


  • 2 Red: Crimson (alizarin) & Cadmium red
  • 2 Yellow: Yellow ochre & cadmium yellow
  • 2 Blue: Ultramarine french blue & cerulean blue
  • 1 Olive green
  • Others: Ultramarine violet, burnt umber, cadmium orange (hue), indigo etc. (Tube colors recommended)


  • A half sheet of (22″x30″) of Arches or other reputable brands of watercolor pagper, or 12″ x16″ watercolor blocks, cold pressed/140lbs or 300lbs


  • A color box palette (be sure it can be closed) a white plastic or aluminum rectangular palette with 12 wells or more for color and an interior space for mixing.
  • One roll of toilet paper
  • One old rag
  • One rigid board about 16″x20″ for mounting watercolor page (eg: gator board, Masonite board, wooden board, etc.)
  • One 1″ or 2″ roll of 3M masking tape for taping down watercolor paper
  • Water container (16ox or larger)