ARTIST Steven Anderson

When my children were five and six years old, they entered the “stickers” phase of life and our home was keenly decorated with dozens of stickers. Inspired by their actions, I stuck several on a small piece of plywood. Using my scroll saw I cut around them to create a puzzle, much to the delight of my kids. As they grew, so did my puzzles. Both kids and puzzles became increasingly more difficult and challenging. Now the kids are adults and the puzzles have “matured” into works of 3D art with gears, bugs, flowers, game pieces, and other interesting items. Many are several layered and made of plywood or PVC plastic. But the stickers are gone! I’ve always been prone to solving riddles and mysteries. And I think that a puzzle is like a riddle you can hold in your hands. Once you start working on a puzzle, you continue looking for that next piece, until you solve the riddle. I relish creating the “mystery” that others enjoy solving, especially if that creation is pleasing to the eye and touch. I also take pride in the fact that my works of art are very challenging to assemble. As my puzzles have become more complex, I have felt the need to branch out into using other media – acrylics, clay, and resin. God has given us a beautiful world to explore and I look for ways and media to express my ideas, sharing them thru my puzzles and paintings.