ARTIST Patrick Nocera

I look in places people don’t look. I explore places few to none have visited. I observe to understand.

Creative, curious, and observant. Our journey is really about discovery. We transition through life – experiencing, enjoying, and struggling with the twists in the road that we find beneath our feet. The dotted footsteps behind us are placeholders to those memories.

The photographs capture these events, like the footsteps behind me, in high-resolution color. The camera captures images that cause me to ask questions, that draws me into the scene, that awakens an emotion within me and enables me to celebrate, experience, and share that brief instant.

My passion in life has been to push the envelope. Within my world travels, I have made it my mission to dig into the detail. To meet people, learn, laugh, and cry – sometimes tears of happiness and sometimes not. The balance provides perspective to understand the world and people around us better.

Professionally, I am an electrical engineer, writer, entrepreneur, inventor, and musician. Personally, my partner and I share great food, fine wines, incredible scenes, fantastic people, wonderful family, and love.