ARTIST Nancy Piner

I started painting when I was in my late 60s, so I’ve been painting for only a few years now. My first teacher was the one who gave me the greatest gift, the gift of seeing in a whole new way.

I’m often mesmerized now by the play of light and shadow against the trunk of a tree as the clouds weave in and out of the sun’s bright rays. Since I began painting, I observe the world in so much more detail and focus.
Painting has given me new eyes; it’s as if I’m seeing everything for the first time. Just spending time playing with color is another gift. Creating and observing how colors interact, and finally creating just the
right shade is so satisfying, whether it’s painting the blues, greens and turquoises of ocean waves, or the fuzzy yellows, oranges, and crimsons of a perfectly ripe peach, or the various shades of whites, grays and
ceruleans of a billowy sky.

I continue to experiment, and am learning and evolving with the warm support of so many artists in our lovely village we call home, Oriental, NC.