ARTIST Marguerite Brennan Garrett

I am a multi-media artist because I love to experiment and make discoveries on my own. The creative process feeds itself and the more I work, the more ideas I get. I strive to maintain a sense of freshness and energy in my work. I love words and wordplay, which often become a part of the work itself.

The concept is very important to me and does not always refer to the subject matter of the piece… it may just be a new way to use an old material or to combine different materials or techniques in a single piece. Throughout my career, I have studied art history, design, painting, woodwork, glasswork, welding and braising and am enjoying the ability to bring some or all to one work of art, if needed. I want the viewer to have a reaction: Whether it be a sense of energy, an evoking of a personal memory, a feeling of visual pleasure, a chuckle from something whimsical or simple “a-ha” at a discovery within the piece