ARTIST Libby Cerullo

I am a self-taught artist, although my mother, a painter, exposed me to art galleries and city/landscapes throughout the US and Australia. Today, after a career in medical device R & D I work with textiles/cloth—often in combination with digital photographs—to create unexpected images.

My projects include studies of nature that—through the effects of growth and/or my interactions with the natural elements—reveal figurative elements. Another project series illustrates how my creative process impacts my understanding of “[My] Seven Modern Sins,” while a third series shows distorted images of people doing common tasks underwater; reframing and personalizing our experience with global warming.

What is similar among these different projects is my use transparent fabrics, layering, distortions, and cut-outs as vocabulary to build metaphors that invite inspection of what is on the surface versus what is underneath. My influences include Cristo/Jeanne Claude and Andy Goldsworthy from whom I accept “permission” to include textiles and rearrangements of nature in my pallet. I am so pleased to be showing at ArtWorks! Previously, my series on “Portraits of Women as Trees” was displayed in a three-woman show at the Boyer Gallery, Pottstown, PA (Oct-Dec 2021). My work has been in juried exhibitions: Art Quilt Elements (2022), National Quilt Museum (2021), New England Quilt Museum (2021); Schweinfurth Art Center (2020); Textiles
in Translation (UPenn, Williamsport, PA, 2020); Sacred Threads (2015). Articles featuring my inspirations and techniques appear in Art Quilting Studio (spring 2021, winter 2022), and SAQA Art Quilt Quarterly (Jan 2022).

I live in rural Pennsylvania with my husband and a goofy 125 lb Newfoundland/Std Poodle mix. When not in my studio or taking photos, I enjoy body surfing, skiing, golf, and reading. I also continue to visit at least one art gallery a month (thank you, mom). I am a member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates).

My artwork is available in a range of sizes: small (6 to 12 inches), medium (up to 36 inches), and large (on average 5 feet tall or wide). All work is ready to hang.