ARTIST Kevin Kelley

Oriental based artist, Kevin Kelley has been honing his artistic skills in pencil drawing since 1992. He comes from a long line of artists starting with his Great Grandfather, Solon Borglum — Prairie Sculptor of the West — His brother Gutzon Borglum sculpted Mount Rushmore. Kevin grew up learning to sail on the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia and took to it so well he started racing when he was 12. Because of his love for sailing and the water, his creative genes prompted him to get into the creation of art that is his style today. He uses photos as his sketchpad (most are from his own photography collection) which are then transferred to the paper as a ghostly image and the water is done by feeling into it and being in the zen of the motion. He started out using pencil on white paper because he enjoyed the 3D effect a two tone piece of art can have. Later he moved into using colored paper to create the illusion of color while still maintaining the black and white composition.

Eventually he began adding colored pencil to help brighten, add lighting and contrast to his pieces. He continues to explore ways to create interesting perspectives and plans in his future creations to underlay various areas with white to give even more depth and pop, and overlay colors with graphite to help extend the black or white he wishes to enhance.