ARTIST Jocelyn Welles

“I really don’t think Aunt Marion needs any more potholders” six-year-old Jocelyn’s mother said.  But makers have to make things, and that’s what Jocelyn has done ever since.

Starting with traditional work such as rug hooking and crewel embroidery, Jocelyn found creative expression pushing the boundaries of knitting, basket making and quilting.  She designs her own patterns for the articulated teddy bears and other creatures fashioned from woven mohair fur which she dyes herself.

The natural world provides Jocelyn with not only inspiration, but raw materials, too.  A great example is her work in ECO-printing biological materials like flowers and leaves onto silk.

Jocelyn’s current focus is fiber sculpture utilizing variations of both wet felting and needle felting techniques.  The whimsical, fanciful creatures she makes are her favorite.

Along the way, Jocelyn teaches so she can share her knowledge for the various creative activities she loves.

A published exhibit designer, Jocelyn founded an exhibit company that produces and manages displays for the trade show industry. She was a founding member of the Advisory Panel for the Visual Communication Continuing Education Program at the University of Maryland, where she taught classes in graphic design.

Her fiber art can be seen in galleries in Oregon, Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina.