ARTISTJackie Sanders

J. Sanders Studio – Transforming life’s mundane moments into memorable experiences

Transforming life’s mundane moments into memorable experiences, my work explores the constant push and pull, resistance and release of control that each of us face in our day to day lives. Encouraging others to actively choose the future they are creating, my mission is to help others feel more connected to their minds, bodies, and the spaces in which they exist. Exploring the layering and manipulation of organic and geometric forms, I make work that become evolving experiences so you never experience a work the same way twice. The pieces in the “Beauty in the Breaking” collection are all titled with questions so that the viewer is able to bring their own life experiences to the table as this interprets the piece. As their mindset, priorities, and focus changes, the title of the work will take on new meaning.

Education and Projects:
Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I have always been drawn toward geometric shapes and bold colors. On a mission to further explore this attraction and curiosity, I studied at Virginia Tech where I earned my BA in Studio Art, B.F.A in Art History and M.F.A in Material Culture and Public Humanities.

Today I have an art studio in downtown Raleigh, I am the co-host of the Art Studio Insights Podcast, a podcast for emerging visual artists, and recently launched the Level Up Artists Membership, an online community for career minded artists.

Unpacking the “Beauty in the Breaking” Collection:
Questions are the foundation of truth- acknowledging them, vocalizing them, and acting on them. But often, the truth can be muddied by the noise from the world and layers of interpretation- layers of emotions, layers of awareness, of relationships, of beliefs, ideas, paint, expressive gestures, and rigid structures. As you begin to unpack these layers of perceived truth, you break them free from their boxes, question the structures that tried to contain them in the first place, and ultimately shatter the perceived integrity of the structures all together. Blissful ignorance and unknowing submission is no longer an option once you begin to think and vocalize questions of the system itself. You can’t go back to what was, for better or for worse. The only constant is consistent change. The Beauty in the Breaking collection explores the deconstruction of reality as one’s consciousness of external forces wakes up. The title of each work is a question in order to challenge the viewer to reflect and question their own meaning, choices and reality.