ARTIST Grace Statwick

Raised in Springfield, Missouri, I grew up drawing and painting and dreamed of being a professional artist someday. I graduated from Vassar College with a film degree and set construction experience from working for the school’s incredible drama department. I proceeded to work in prop and set construction for film, and then as a sculptor for Bass Pro Shops, building waterfalls and trees and traveling across the country. I soon grew disillusioned with corporate art and the excessive waste inherent to traditional filmmaking. I moved to Busan, South Korea to teach English, where I began to exhibit art in earnest with a group called The Exotic Beasts. After a few more years of artist residencies and building projects in the States, I have now returned to Missouri and am putting down roots at Dancing Rabbit ecovillage in Rutledge.

Here in my strawbale, earthen-plastered studio, I paint my collectors’ dreams and dreamscapes. I paint imaginative landscapes and realistic portraits. I provide portals, for your wall, into places where wondrous things happen. I like to think of my paintings as both cinematic and theatrical, with an eye for both composition and storytelling. They are realistic but fantastic and they feel a little magical. My collectors often tell me they have deep emotional connections to the paintings they buy.

In return, they support my dream of making a living wage by selling original art. Living at Dancing Rabbit means a lifestyle that costs much less than, and also consumes 90% fewer resources than that of the average American. I am committed to living a radically conscientious, environmentally-aware life and the support of my collectors makes that possible.