ARTIST Emily Moore

My passions are art and storytelling. If you, the viewer, can see yourself standing inside one of my paintings then I have achieved my goal. I am a Philadelphia based artist with a Masters from the Pennsylvania Academy ofthe Fine Arts. It is the oldest Art School in the country. I have been producing and selling art for over 30 years. I have degree’s in Art History, Studio Arts with my Masters in Fine Arts. I am a Mother of a brilliant son, Ryan. He continually tries to introduce me to the digital world. I work in oils, watercolor, acrylics and enjoy photography.

“The Fall Door”
I always feel a warmth when returning home. Every time of year holds a different light. When coming home in the fall, as the leaves are turning, knowing inside it will be warm and cozy. Warm sun light, heavy shadows and welcome home.

“City View”
I feel the weight of a city. As the painting draws the viewer in, take note of the flags flying in the breeze. The bright golden street guides us down and through the city which is full of possibilities. Take in a moment, a bustling city full of life and movement.