ARTIST Deepa Mahajan

The dragon is a symbol of benevolence although when viewed through the eyes of an immigrant from another culture, it seems anything but that. The visuals of a dragon evoke fear with its fierce eyes, scaly body and menacing claws. In the paper works, the dragon is used to describe a nation. In the attached works characteristic of prosperity, control and fear of Singapore are represented through the visuals of the dragon. In my work, on the map of Singapore the dragon is shown sighing ferociously such that it’s exhale is strong enough to blow away everything in the way. The rattled immigrants are portrayed by tiny maps of native India. In my piece  a dilemma is presented where the migrant is caught between two places, one where the living conditions are harsh but is a native land and the other which is a prosperous host nation but induces fear shown by the fire spattering dragon. In both works the skin layer with veins alludes to humans connecting the two nations.