ARTIST Deborah Iannitto

In December 2004 Deb enrolled in an enameling on copper course at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina.  This was a first for Deb who was neither artist nor enamellist. The first baby steps were awkward…lots of smoking copper! Observing a mixture of silica, lead oxides, salts of soda, potassium and boric oxides fired at a high temperature on copper morph into a vitreous surface was intriguing.  In October 2007 Deb completed a course entitled “Texture on metal “at the Campbell Folk School.  Deb has nothing but compliments for their wonderful and knowledgeable staff.

Deb returned home and decided to pursue this most fascinating art. She purchased a used kiln, scrounged around at local salvage metal scrapyards for copper and ordered her supplies (including powdered enamels, tools) from Thompson Enamel in Bellevue, Kentucky. Deb’s works are of the naïve sort and include whimsical colorful representation indicative of her “folk artist” approach to enameling. She is always on the lookout for designs, patterns and subject matter to complement enameling on copper.

Circle 10 afforded Deb the opportunity to display and sell her work. How lucky she was to meet such creative peeps! Participation in local craft shows was great fun. Deb took a hiatus from enameling when Circle 10 closed; however, she was drawn back into the artists’ world. For several years she sold her pieces at the Village Gallery. Although Deb does not engage as energetically in enameling as she did in previous years she still practices the art when the spirit dictates.

Deb, husband Jim, canines Petra and Marco, Patches the Cat and Lil’ Bit the Canary enjoy life in Minnesott Beach. Their log home in the longleaf pine forest in coastal North Carolina is a respite, far from the maddening crowd. They are indeed lucky to enjoy such a peaceful and lovely setting in Pamlico County.