ARTIST Dawn Hummer

…committed to the esoteric way of hand-weaving, supported by the Slow Craft Movement
…seeking to connect the public with the beauty and function of handmade art and their creators

Artist Statement

Awarded Saori Weaving Studio distinction and certification from Saorinomori in Osaka, Japan, in 2012, Saori Song is one of 14 Japanese Freeform weaving studios in North America facilitating the art of weaving with no intent.  I have welcomed over 1000 people in the community and larger public to my weaving studio in the heart of Chapel Hill: “facilitating joy and creative expression through weaving, in the community and to individuals of all abilities.”  Saori weaving celebrates the mindful and time intensive creation of one-of-a-kind finely and artfully woven art pieces for home, public and personal adornment. With respect to traditional patterns and techniques from both eastern and western culture, each piece evolves in the studio as sculptural or woven art.  Aesthetic principles of asymmetry, simplicity and wabi-sabi, fused with whimsical deconstruction in design and process are joyful and identifiable statements within each piece.

Process and Technique

The Saori Weaving Process encourages creative and spontaneous expression on the loom, by weaving with no preconceived pattern or structure. The pattern of one’s true self and creative spirit evolves through designing with color and texture while at the loom during the weaving process. Through a philosophy of no rules or restrictions, individual art is expressed with complete freedom and creativity.  Portable Japanese engineered looms allow for transport to alternative studio settings such as residential centers, schools, therapeutic, and home environments, promoting modifications within the physical weaving environment, to facilitate exploration of texture,
color and process with individuals regardless of ability. Off-loom weaving using traditional Western and Eastern techniques and patterns are evidenced in my hand-woven basketry and mixed media work as well as sculptural art.
Many times, I source and dye my own reed and fibers for use in my pieces.


Handweavers Guild of America, American Craft Council, Orange County Artists Guild – board member, Durham Artists Guild, Saorinomori Global, The National Basketry Association, Pittsboro Gallery of Arts, Triangle Weavers Guild