Dana Holliday

Known for painting large murals, in recent years, Dana has taken a little detour to experiment with smaller canvases. She has been inspired by her travels to Nepal and to Italy.

Dana Holliday is a  artist living in Thomasville, NC. She has been actively painting murals and faux finishes for over 20 years. Dana has been influenced by Impressionism and the works of Georgia O’Keefe while travelling to Europe, South America and New Zealand, she gathered ideas, techniques and the qualities of many cultures to integrate into her highly unique artistic style. She has created many works with a realistic or impressionistic flair and is currently exploring the spontaneity of more abstract art.

After studying under Encaustic artist Ezshwan Winding, Dana has embraced this new technique into her painting. Dana’s textural style – colors and layering – is further enhanced by the depth of encaustic technique.

Dana loves people and her outgoing and personal style makes her a wonderful person to work with in your home or office. Dana’s special gift is to bring life to the visions of her clients and bring those visions to reality.