ARTISTCliff Hill

“Many times hidden surprises are found inside the turns.”

I am a self taught woodworker/woodturner who early on discovered a desire to create objects from wood. It all started back in the mid 1960’s after Nancy and I were married.  Our immediate need was for furniture in our first home. As time went on my interests gradually progressed to Lathe Work.

 Since retirement from my regular job in 2001 woodturning has taken on a new life. Most of my raw materials are derived from hardwoods, softwoods and wood burls that are harvested after local storms and hurricanes here in eastern North Carolina.

In most cases my creations start as a rough piece of wood between centers on the Lathe. It is then that the wood starts to talk and tell its story. Many times hidden surprises are found inside the turnings (some good and some not so good) like bullets, nails, voids, special figure and yes even an occasional “Oops” at the lathe. Each presents itself as a new challenge and design opportunity.

My styles vary from utilitarian bowls to decorative turned weed pots, bowls, hollow forms and nature sculptures.