ARTIST Brenda Gear

With a professional background in finance and insurance, my early artistic endeavors were considered more craft than ‘art’ generated from an early necessity to make my own paper dolls, Barbie doll clothes and dollhouses from cardboard boxes and any scrap fabric and wallpaper found around the house. Even without actively pursuing ‘art’, I found my business notes full of doodles and ornamentation as pen and paper was still the medium of communication at that time.

I began painting well into my 50’s. I was the youngest of a talented family that did not recognize or support education in the arts. Somehow, we each found an artistic outlet as we grew older. It was gratifying to finally discover the creative outlets of drawing, painting in watercolor and acrylics. I have experimented and taken various workshops to find my artistic avenue of expression and will continue to expand my world and vision of art. It is inherent in my nature to create.

Abstract mixed media is what I enjoy the most. I rarely have a preconceived design plan, only an image or thought that has passed through my mind. I love the fluidity and organic process involved in abstract work. Because of my propensity to ‘collect’, I love incorporating found objects and using items of sentimental value as ornaments in my abstract works. Working with natural elements also provides inspiration in many of my artistic creations. Recent expansion into batik watercolor and cold wax mediums have broadened and strengthened my artistic expression. I’ve been fortunate to have been awarded several awards in regional art exhibitions and my

work is in many private collections. I am currently a board member of Community Artists Gallery and Studios in downtown New Bern gallery and maintain a working studio in the CAGS Studio Annex located on the second floor at 309 Middle Street, New Bern as well as a studio in my home.