ARTIST Shelly Gayring

I’m a resin artist mainly focused on modern coastal designs. From large wall art to smaller home accents. My designs are inspired by the colors and flow of the Ocean.

I Used to Dream About the Ocean, Now I Create It

I have lived most of my life far away from the Ocean in Central New York but always dreamed of it. My first recollection of visiting the Ocean was on a cross country family vacation when I was around 8 years old. They were short visits to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans but memorable to the senses. The feel of the foamy waves and gritty sand, wind on the beach, smell of the salty air and sounds of the birds and people. Over the years trips to the Ocean were more of a dream than a reality taking only a few vacations to the Outer Banks.

When my husband retired from Law Enforcement, we started planning our family move. I was able to continue my Marketing career within the Crane Industry remotely and in 2018 my family moved to Oriental, North Carolina. Making trips to the Atlantic Ocean a short ferry ride.

As we decorated our new home in ENC I was drawn to modern coastal décor. The shops in the area featured items from local artists each one inspiring and ignited my own creativity and intrigue. I found that working with resin to create Ocean pieces was calming and fulfilled my desire to create.

I began receiving inquiries about purchasing the art I had shared online and now have sold pieces across the United States and have items carried in a few local shops.

Although I have a dedicated office in my home for my 9-5 on evening and weekends the kitchen and then as I grew part of the garage became my art studio. Now I am blessed to be a resident artist at ArtWorks Oriental where I can continue to be inspired by other artists and only steps from the Neuse River.