ARTIST Paula Rozov

I am an oil painter. An alla prima oil painter. It means my painting is immediate and wet and hopefully my first impression survives time and process to appear on the canvas. 

In the Upper Valley of the Connecticut River on the Appalachian Trail, a “spiritual place” that nurtures the time, space and breath needed for aesthetic exploration, I was finally able to begin my formal art education.

My mentor for eight years was Aidron Duckworth, PhD, sculptor, who had worked and taught all over the world. I completed a degree with the human figure as my focus followed by eight years of formal drawing and painting instruction.

My final study, When God Was a Man, was completed at Norwich University with a thesis and full gallery show. Through the years, I have been fortunate to be included in juried shows and galleries as we have moved around and traveled from east to west coast and back, Europe, Canada and Mexico. I have taught in public school, in business and privately.

Now, with a lot of passed time and many responsibilities fulfilled, I find myself once again in a spiritual place on the NC coast, with time and space to work and paint with a passion that one cannot enjoy while “life” is happening. For many of us a busy life has not allowed en plein aire all the time, every painting session.

Recognizing this has meant that if at the moment, I realize I am going to want to visit this image, this feeling again, I had to understand deeply, being present, take it in and yes, take pictures. I have cherished and revisited the images I have carried for several decades. I have looked at them over and over, considering them for painting.

Interestingly, the images which made the cut originally are still the ones I favor when I revisit them. But the major thing that has emerged is the timing in which I finally thought I could tackle a particular subject. In other words, not until I felt I was ready and competent. Along with that knowledge has emerged what takes a lifetime to know and develop.