ARTIST Katia Saikoski

Katia Saikoski is the Founder and CEO of Zoopi Studio, which focuses on using technology to develop art.

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Katia lived in UK for 4 years and now lives in Plano, Texas with her family since 2014. She received a PhD (2003) and a Masters (1993) degree in Computer Science and a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering (1989).

Katia worked for almost 25 years in the IT and education industries and her attention has always been on innovation and creativity, understanding that curiosity, ideas and insights need to be fostered.

By experiment, she discovered that you can use several digital technologies as part of the creativity process for creating art. Not only that, art itself can be digital, which has changed the landscape for artists in the recent years, opening space for digital art collectors and creators. This encounter has created a new line of opportunities not observed before.

“It is not only about the end result; it’s about the process and the experiments. All my digital abstract art is the result of experiments with software. Both, photo manipulation and code generation can be fine adjusted to achieve multiple results, each exploring complete different perspectives.

“My process of transforming a photo into a piece of art with digital liquid effect is very simple but also very unique. A single photo can generate infinite results and for me it was impossible to recreate the same result twice.

“Selecting the image is the first step of the process. It can be either a picture (a flower, a tree, a car passing by) or a digital drawing with the colors of your choice.

“With the base image selected, it is time for the transformation process. Using a software application in a touch screen device, I use a pen or my fingers to distort the images. By pushing, twisting, and rotating over the screen you can alter the images in several forms. Different effects can also be achieved by adjusting the multiple parameters of the application.