ARTIST Jade Marshall

Born and raised in Colorado, Emerging Artist Jade Marshall is a 15 year old freshman in high school. She is an avid skier and snowboarder as well as saxophone player, and budding artist.

Her artwork has not only kept her grounded through the Covid-19 pandemic, but has also helped her work through grief with the loss of her father two years ago. She is quoted as saying, “I like drawing things that I have a personal deep connection to that also can be uniquely interpreted by each individual viewer.”

This is Jade’s first exhibition, and ArtWorks Oriental is proud to share her debut with this beautiful graphite pencil drawing of clasped hands. We suspect we will see much more work from Jade in the years to come!

Oh, and a little secret: Jade is the granddaughter of fellow emerging artist, Helga Kupper. The talent clearly runs in the family!