ARTIST Elaine Lisle

I complete small works in oil, en plein air. I then use these smaller paintings to complete larger complicated compositions in the studio.

Each time I begin a painting I am looking to create a sense of joy and recognition for the viewer. A captured moment in time, a portrait of place- that causes you to see it differently and most importantly, with pleasure.

Display Artist Elaine Lisle is a Philadelphia artist whose work emphasizes the immediacy of the moment. Her work often features architectural focal points, figures and reflections with vibrant color and contrast to emphasize the emotional context of the subject. She received a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and completed post-graduate study in painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Lisle has won regional and national awards, exhibited widely in the mid-atlantic, including New York City, and her richly painted oils are owned by numerous corporations as well as individual collectors around the globe.

After more than 25 years as a professional painter, her style continues to evolve but her loose painterly brushwork and bold color choices are a constant.  In addition to landscapes, she is inspired by open-air markets and busy street corners where capturing the moment is a challenge.  Lisle seems to feed on this challenge as her complex compositions are joyful visual feasts.

In addition to Artworks Oriental, Lisle is represented by Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia, Les Poissons Gallery in Maryland and Carega Gallery in New Hampshire. She was featured in Fine Art Connoisseur in 2019, American Art Collector in 2016 and International Artist Magazine in March 2014. She is on the faculty of the Main Line Art Center and the Wayne art center in PA and has led painting workshops in Philadelphia as well as Southern France.