ARTIST Delphine Poussot

“My paintings are about light and transparency. I am fascinated by anything that is see-through such as water or glass. Through the use of washes, color and values, watercolor’s organic and lively nature allows me to depict the beauty and emotion of the subject.”

Born into an artistic family in Paris, Display Artist Delphine Poussot began drawing and painting at age 3. Her father was a prominent architect, her mother a landscape architect, her great uncle designed airplanes and her great grandfather was the jewelry designer Mauboussin.

Her talent was fostered at home and through study in France and other parts of the world. In Paris, Delphine studied under sculptor, Etienne Martin. As years and study progressed, she went on to earn a bachelor of fine arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her first career steps took her to combining accomplishments in sculpture and commercial art as she designed perfume bottles and packaging for the cosmetics field.

It was shortly after coming to the States that Delphine began serious study in watercolor. She has studied with Skip Lawrence, Frank Francese, and most importantly Nita Engle who taught her to paint with freedom and complete looseness and fluidity while retaining control where needed. She had always been moved and intrigued by the medium’s organic and lively nature, after her classes with Nita her style settled to a very loose and airy adaptation that allows pigment to move with water, mixing in both controlled and unpredictable ways.

Poussot’s watercolors combine a masterful talent of contrasting techniques. Her works glow with light and have the combination of soft movement and striking composition. She will tell you that she seeks to convey the absolute and miraculous beauty found in the simplest of creations. Delphine is a very disciplined and focused painter. And, that discipline and focus is driven by a passion fed by seeing her vision conveyed in pigment and paper.

Her artistic vision and diverse subject matter are fueled by her frequent travels around the world. Poussot constantly challenges herself by incorporating different uses of water and washes, as well as color and light, whether painting landscapes, still lifes or portraits of contemporary cultures.

Poussot has exhibited extensively in national and international shows over the past 30 years. She has exhibited at the Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia PA, Mahler gallery in Raleigh NC, American College in Bryn Mawr PA, Garrubbo Bazan Gallery in West Chester PA, Galerie du Sud in Atlanta GA, the Morris Arboretum PA, and Port Grimaud, France. She is a Signature Member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society and Baltimore Watercolor Society. She has served as a trustee on the Board of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Delphine is also quite generous in nature:  she often supports meaningful charities by donating her work.  It