ARTIST Carla J Fisher

Resident Artist Carla J Fisher is relatively new to the art world. After the death of her husband of 40 years, already in her sixties, and already having degree in Finance, she enrolled in the University of the Arts in Philadelphia (2016). During her very first class, Constructed Surfaces, she discovered a unique way of sculpting both two and three dimensionally with just thread.

Later, as a professional studio artist, she began adding recycled materials to her threadwork, as well as encaustic wax sculpting. Her inspiration is always the natural world around her which she translates into predominantly abstract works of art sculpted with thread.

Carla J Fisher’s work has been shown and purchased in many countries around the world such as South Korea, Canada, Ukraine, England, Italy, and throughout the United States.

 She has received several significant honors in her short career, most notably the 2020 DaVinci Award for Contemporary Art bestowed in January of 2020 in Florence, Italy.  This honor is given to only 100 artists selected biennially from throughout the world in recognition of their innovations and creativity in contemporary art.

You are welcomed to visit Carla in her studio and brainchild, ArtWorks Oriental, 518 S Water St, Oriental, NC.  She’ll be the one with the big sewing machine humming.