Calling All Artists

In Search of the Dragon… 


Oriental is a unique little village located on the Inner Coastal Waterway in NC.  One of the last remaining fishing villages in the US, it is also known as The Sailing Capital of North Carolina. Oriental is also home for many creatives including artists and artisans, musicians, authors, and thespians.

Each year on New Year’s Eve, two “dragons” (mysteriously sporting human legs and feet from below) parade through the town.  The villagers and thousands of visitors dance around and behind the creatures, banging pots and spoons to ward away evil spirits in the coming year.  Others try and touch the dragon for good luck.

Later, in February, coordinating with Chinese New Year, the Pamlico County Arts Council host their annual membership drive, known as The Burning of the Dragon.  A literal torching of a 30 ft high rendition of the creature, set aflame to ensure nothing but creative and positive things happen in the coming year.

Both of these events have become regional Coastal Carolina treasured events!

Clearly, Oriental loves dragons!  And we want to see yours!

Submission rules:

  • All mediums except video are invited to submit photos of work for consideration.
  • Dragons may be two dimensional or three dimensional.
  • All work should be less than 40” in width and 60” in height.
  • All work must be for sale.  ArtWorks Oriental retains a 30% commission on all work sold; 70% to the artist.
  • Accepted work without exception cannot be offered for sale through any other venue including but not limited to personal websites, social media, or other gallery locations during the time period of the show.
  • Entry deadline is midnight Tuesday, November 30.  Notification of selection will be December 5, 2021.
  • Chosen work must be delivered to ArtWorks by 5 PM, Saturday, December 18, 2021.
  • Two dimensional work meant to hang on the wall will hang from a professional j hook system.  All hanging work MUST have D-rings or wires for hanging.  Work not properly prepped for display will be returned to the artist immediately without being displayed.
  • No substitutions of work allowed once notification of acceptance.


Acceptance is not guaranteed.

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