ARTIST Abbey Stace

Fundamental to my practice in painting is the notion that life is both transient and aleatory. Mine is an experimental process that is driven by the serendipitous interactions of oppositional materials. The images eschew narratives and rather investigate matters of a temporal and tactile nature as well as scale, color and light.

My compositions as well as materials engage opposition as a foundational life force. Polarity within and between atoms maintains space and the potential for structure. Opposing forces may sustain and distinguish each other becoming interdependent. This interdependence presents the opportunity for exchange. In my practice, I employ a collection of opposites; oil and water, warmth and cold, design and chance, object and idea. Inspired by natural landscapes and surfaces, these pieces are built up and worked away with layers of media and paint and reflect on the essential communication between elemental parts and the beauty to be found in their synergy.

My images have no subject, but refer to both material and conscious states of being. They are perceptual in nature, intended to affect quiet experiential reflection. Each is a meditation on time and the mystery, spaciousness and rich imperfect beauty of the natural world.